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Futuremark: 3DMark para dispositivos con Windows 8 en el 2012

La gente de Futuremark ha anunciado que ya están preparando la nueva versión de su software de Benchmarking 3D, pero esta nueva versión será para TODOS los dispositivos que utilicen Windows 8, esto es: Tablets, PC, smartphones, notebooks, etc.

El CEO de Futuremark Jukka Mäkinen comenta que:

With Windows 8 gamers will be able to enjoy their games on a wide range of devices from lightweight tablets to heavy-duty desktop rigs. Faced with so much choice it will be hard to work out which devices offer the best value for money. Fortunately 3DMark for Windows 8 will be our most wide-reaching 3DMark ever, able to accurately measure and compare gaming performance across all devices and graphical feature sets available with Windows 8.

Entre las cosas que incorporará este nuevo benchmark se tienen:

– Measures and compares gaming performance on all Windows 8 devices
– Stunning real-time scenes stress test all levels of hardware
Supports both x86 and ARM-based architectures
– Can be used in both Metro UI and ‘classic’ Windows environments
– Created in co-operation with the world’s leading technology companies (AMD, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Imagination Technologies, Dell, HP entre otros)
Currently in development, expected to be released in 2012

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