[E3:2013] South Park: The Stick of Truth no ha muerto y nos trae un nuevo Trailer

south park The Stick of Truth Con el cierre de la productora THQ muchos pensaban que el videojuego de la peculiar serie South Park moriría con esta. Pues no fue así, a manos de Ubisoft el videojuego de los 4 niños de colorado y sus amigos sigue en desarrollo con una fecha especulativa de lanzamiento para finales de año. Les dejo su trailer que nos mantiene riendo y expectantes a la entrega de este juego.

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  • elsewhere in discussions) that I am not aserve to combat violence and the usually cartoony blood fountain violence in our games, but when it gets that more intimate human treatment, it gets very uncomfortable. Especially a game designed where you do need to kill/disable people to get through the story. If there were other ways to deal with opponents, then that may bring different depth to things. At least by comparison to the violent path. How these things also affect the protagonists is important, too. How they react and how human they feel as well through these atrocious times and situations. If they’re just killing people brutally left and right, even for survival, without ever showing the impact or weight or remorse or any human residual effect from these things, then it’ll have even less impact, imo, beyond it’s just there to be realistic for people to make bloody patterns on walls with!’ In many games, you’re just mowing down random mooks and faceless/nameless thugs and never consider them again. Nor does the character think twice about them. But here, it’s more up-close, intimate, facial and emotional reactions, brutality of gritty realism.’ Except we don’t know how the characters react to these things, if at all. I hope they do and that there is depth. Otherwise, like I said, it will mean little beyond how realistic you can kill someone. Also, I have issues with the set-up with the characters. We have the burly dude, who is some kind of trained military Sam Fisher dude. (Who couldn’t see that coming as a protagonist?) And then we have a young-looking, tiny-bodied girl/young woman as a sidekick. Well, she is more like an escort mission or background NPC from everything they’ve shown so far. She’s less situated in combat than Elena and Chloe and company. All she uses is a little dinky pen-knife as protection ? And just throws rocks/bricks at enemies to distract them? Really? Especially in this kind of world, where you have uber-trained Sam Fisher as your partner? Shouldn’t he be focused on training her in self-defense and offense, and weapon play, and so forth? I’m not a fan of this set-up. The girl is the potential damsel/sidekick spiel. A trained black woman with young boy/young man as sidekick would’ve at least been something more interesting, something not generic-white-dude-soldier, imo.