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3DMark 11 actualizado!

La gente de Futuremark actualizó a la versión 1.0.2 la última edición de 3DMark con mejoras en las físicas y actualización a sysinfo para tener una mejor compatibilidad a futuro. El changelog de la actualización a continuación:

All Editions

  • Bullet physics library updated to 2.78 to improve compatibility with future CPUs and GPUs
  • Display scaling mode setting is now available in the Basic Edition
  • SystemInfo component updated to version 4.0 for improved compatibility with current and future hardware
  • Improved user messages when the benchmark run is interrupted

Advanced and Profession Edition only

  • Fixed wireframe mode for the Combined test with NVIDIA hardware
  • Load/Save result dialog remembers the last used folder

Professional Edition only

  • Correct watermark is always displayed when benchmark is launched from command line
  • Command line loop switch with single test now loops without reloading

Para descargar 3DMark 1.0.2 tan sólo visiten este enlace.

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