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Zalman CNPS 9500 – LED




1. Intel Pentium 4 : Socket 478/775
2. Intel Pentium D-Dual core : Socket 775
3. AMD Sempron/AMD64 : Socket 754/939/940
4. AMD Athlon 64 X2-Dual core : Socket 939

Dimensions 85(L) X 112(W) X 125(H)mm
Weight 530g
Base Material Pure Copper, Aluminum
Dissipation Area 3,698㎠
Thermal Resistance Silent Mode 0.16 °C/W Normal Mode 0.12 °C/W
Bearing Type 2-Ball
Speed Silent Mode 1,350RPM ± 10 % Low-noise Mode 2,400RPM ± 10 %
Noise Level Silent Mode 18.0dB ± 10% Low-noise Mode 27.5dB ± 10%
FAN Speed Controller (FAN MATE 2) 
– Dimensions : 70(L) x 26(W) x 26(H)mm    
– Weight : 20g    
– Output Voltage : 5V ~ 11V ± 2%    
– Allowable Power : 6W or lower    
– Connector : 3-Pin    

1. 100% copper heatsink with aerodynamically optimized «tunnel» design for maximum cooling
2. Innovative and patented, curved heatpipe design for a heat transfer capacity of up to 6 heatpipes
with the use of just 3.
3. Optimized heatsink layout for maximum cooling efficiency with minimal materials.
4. 0.2mm ultra-slim fins for minimized weight and reduced airflow resistance.
5. Ultra quiet CNPS 92mm opaque fan with blue LEDs.
6. Aerodynamically optimized heatsink for smoother airflow and minimal noise.
7. Adjustable fan speed controller (FAN MATE 2) enables control of noise and fan speed.

Installation Requirements Install only on systems meeting the following conditions:

1. No interfering components (e.g. PSU, video card) within 56mm from the center of the CPU.
2. No interfering components (e.g. ODD) within 45mm from the center of the CPU.
3. Case cover must be at least 135mm away from the motherboard.
4. Cases with Air Guide must have the Air Guide Duct removed before installation.

El video de instalación del producto puede ser visto Aquí
Más información de su funcionamiento pueden verla en esta noticia que publicamos hace unos meses: https://www.madboxpc.com/contenido.php?id=381

775 Motherboard List

 CNPS7700 Compatible Socket 775 Motherboard List

(1)No motherboard components with a height greater than 39mm (1.53inch), as well as the PSU, disk drives, VGA card, and RAM should be present within a 68mm (2.68inch) radius from the center of the CPU.

(2)Distance between the side of socket 775 and the PSU must be at least 44mm.


¢º Compatible
¢ºCompatible when stock Northbridge cooler is replaced with a Zalman Northbridge cooler.

* Required Gap

The minimum clearance between the motherboard
and the PSU that is required for installation of the


* Notice : The physical layout and specifications of motherboards may change.


Manufacturer Model * Required Gap
ABIT IG-80 17.0mm
IG-81 17.0mm
Albatron PM915G PRO 10.0mm
PX865PE7C PRO 6.0mm
PX915G 6.0mm
PX915G PRO 6.0mm
PX915GC Pro-G 7.0mm
PX915GD PRO II 6.0mm
PX915P 7.0mm
PX915P PRO 6.5mm
PX915PC PRO-G 6.5mm
PX915PD PRO II 6.5mm
PX925X PRO 15.5mm
PX925X PRO-R 15.5mm
PX925XE PRO 15.5mm
PX925XE PRO-R 15.5mm
AOpen i865Gm-7N 14.0mm
i865PEa-7IF 1.5mm
i915Ga-E 9.0mm
i915Ga-EFRII 13.0mm
i915Ga-PLF 13.0mm
i915Gm-I 17.0mm
i915Pa-E 9.5mm
i915Pa-EFRII 13.0mm
i915Pa-PLF 8.5mm
s661FXm-7S 18.0mm
ASRock 775i65GV 14.0mm
775S61 13.5mm

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