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Controladores gráficos NVIDIA 313.18 (Certificados) para LINUX disponibles


NVIDIA ha lanzado hoy 16 de enero sus primeros controladores gráficos certificados para Linux de este 2013, se trata de los Linux Display Driver 313.18 Certificados (equivalente a WHQL en Windows). Esta nueva versión viene con varias mejoras y características que pueden revisar en las notas de lanzamiento.


Highlights of Nvidia Display Driver 313.18:

• Support for GeForce GTX 680MX and Tesla K20Xm has been added;
• Support has been added in NV-CONTROL and in nvidia-settings for changing the Double Precision performance boost mode on supported GPUs;
• A bug has been fixed in nvidia-settings that allowed unavailable features to be selected in some drop-down menus;
• Several OpenGL driver bugs, related to stencil-only framebuffer objects, have been fixed;
• Unofficial GLX protocol support has been added (i.e. for GLX indirect rendering) for the following extension and core commands;
• A bug that caused the cursor shadow to be clipped to 32×32 pixels, even on Kepler GPUs that support a 256×256 cursor image, has been repaired;
• Support for the GLX_EXT_buffer_age extension has been implemented;
• A bug that sometimes prevented rotation controls in the nvidia-settings control panel from working after changing resolutions has been fixed;
• A bug that could cause applications using GL_NV_vdpau_interop to crash during modeswitches has been repaired;
• A kernel module parameter, «NVreg_EnablePCIeGen3,» which can be used to enable PCIe gen 3 when possible, has been added;
• libnvidia-encode.so library dependency has been repaired by linking it with libnvcuvid.so.1 instead of libnvcuvid.so while creating it.


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